Monday, October 1, 2012

Dinner and No Time!

 I had zero chance to work on Cub and Aubers' Halloween books this weekend, so that will be a sneaky post slid in between some of these other lovely lady bloggers!  If I can manage to get the sewing machine out while D goes to sleep, that is ; ) 

I did manage to crock pot some dinner.  I made "Chicken Pizza" and oh my gosh it was incredible!!  I brought the extra for I made dinner for 3 and lunch for me---and the pot did all the hard work!

Crock Pot Dinner Day 1:
Chicken Pizza!!  A big huge shout out to Stephanie O'Dea at Crockpot 365 for this recipe!  It was super yummy and took 15 minutes of prep while D was watching some Cars 2.  Next time, I'll probably add some more veggies (I left out the pepperoni.)

Tonight is "Beer Can Chicken" in the pot...Daddyguy's job.  We'll see : D  (He's actually a pretty amazing cook believe it or not!)

<3 Jen

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