Friday, October 12, 2012

Newborn Stash

As my due date seems to be quickly approaching, I find myself pulling open my cloth diaper drawer.  I started using cloth diapers with my son when he was about 9 months old.  We started out using prefolds and covers, then soon bought some bGs.  I fell in love with cloth and started using cloth on A as soon as her cord stump fell off.  I think she was around 2 weeks and we started cloth diapering full time.  This time I made sure to stock up on cloth that had cut outs/snap downs for the stump.  This way I can start cloth diapering immediately!  I love prefolds and covers because they are so affordable and really work so well at keeping in the BF poo!  I also wanted to have some easier cloth for Daddy and Grandma (though she knows how to use pf..she cloth diapered me) if they don't feel like messing around with the prefolds.  I bought some AIOs and also some fitted and contours to make using the covers easy for them as well.  I just can't wait to get a sweet little bum into all this cute fluff I've been collecting!

 Drawer full of fluff!
 Swaddlebees, WAHM, Grovia, Smartbottoms AIOs
Tons of covers...Mama made, Swaddlebees, Thirsties, Amp, Kissaluvs
  2 doz Green Mt Diaper Orange Edge Prefolds (my absolute favorite PFs)
Thirsties Fitteds, Kissaluvs Contours, Swaddlebee Flats
 Snappis, Cloth Wipes, Baby Bum Drops (for wipe solution), 3 fleece Scantinator NB covers

 Just this week I received a fun piece of mail.  Lovely Pocket Diapers was nice enough to send me one of their Newborn stuffable AIO to review.  I am dying for Dec to roll around so I can test it out on my sweet baby!  I received the red with yellow snaps, so cute!  From an experienced cloth diapering mama, I found some features that I absolutely love with this diaper.  It has 3 rise snaps so it can fit from 5-15 lbs, and at 11 dollars, that's a great value!  It is an AIO, which means it has an absorbent microfiber insert already attached, yet this also has a pocket that you can add more inserts into.  Making it very easy to use and very versatile!  This newborn also has the snap down for the umbilical cord.  Which like I said before is so wonderful because you can use this diaper from day one, no issues with the cord.  We all know how that BF poo can be and with the double leg gussets, I know that this diaper is going to be great at catching it and keep it in the diaper where it belongs!  As I said I haven't tried this out on a baby yet, but from what I see it's a wonderful value and great quality diaper. It really is impressive!  Stay tuned in Dec for a full review of the Lovely Pocket Diaper Newborn stuffable AIO! 

You can also check out Lovely Pocket Diapers on FB!

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