Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside...

So I had another post all planned and ready to go, but decided instead to give a real-time post about this crazy and terrifically unsafe weather that many of us are having!

The wind's a COLD and SERIOUS factor!

When I saw that the wind chill in States such as North Dakota and Minnesota were reaching the -50's I was stunned!  It has been reaching -10 here in PA with the wind chill and it makes me ponder...

Do we live in the Arctic????

My goodness, it is just COLD. is {expletive here} cold!!!

So what can you do to protect yourself and your family in this CRAZY cold weather?

First of all, pay close attention to the weather and be prepared for inclement weather.  This means extreme heat, extreme cold, storms, etc.  Take appropriate measures for whatever weather you are facing!

The WHO recommends keeping your home temperature between 64-75 degrees.  With young children or elderly, they recommend keeping above 68.  During this extreme cold if your home drops below these lows, please seek shelter somewhere warm!

Now would be a good time to check out your heating system.  Change filters, do maintenance, and most of all if you are using a woodburner, fuel oil, natural gas, kerosene, coal, or gasoline either as a primary or secondary source of heat, please use caution and watch for signs of carbon monoxide!!!

Take extreme caution when going outside!  Dress warmly in multiple layers making sure to cover as much skin as possible.  Do not stay outside for long.  Bundle small kids well and keep a close eye on them.  Watch yourself and others for the signs of hypothermia.  If your body temperature is below 95, seek medical help immediately.

For children riding the school bus, keep them inside until the bus arrives or drive them to the bus stop.  Do not let your children stand outside for long periods of time!

Signs of Hypothermia in Adult
*Memory Loss
*Slurred Speech

Signs of Hypothermia in Infants
*Bright Red/Cold Skin
*Very Low Energy

If you have cardiac disease or other medical condition, please follow advisement from your doctor for cold weather precautions.

Another problem in this weather is ice.  The roads are treacherous, side walks are icy, and you never know where or when you are going to slide.  Slow down and take time to make sure you are looking where you are going!

Please Please Please be careful during this extreme weather.  Keep warm.  And be safe going outside.

*Signs of Hypothermia from the CDC
*Photo from

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