Friday, January 18, 2013

Lovely Pocket Diapers

I was fortunate enough to be able to try out the Newborn Stuffable AIO from Lovely Pocket Diapers!  LPD provided me with an adorable red diaper with yellow snaps.  They also come in green, blue, black, white and yellow.  This diaper retails for $11.  It has a built in triple layer insert sewn in, with a pocket also so you can stuff it too! It has three rise snaps, making this diaper fit from approx. 5 to 15 lbs!  Also it features an umbilical snap down with 4 lower waist snaps.

Like I have posted before, my birth with L was quite the rough one with an emergency csection with complications to my eye.  I just wasn't up for dealing with cloth diapers right away.  About a week ago I decided I was ready to dive in, and found that a lot of my diapers just didn't fit him well.  He is so tiny still, about 8 lbs, so not unreasonable sized for a newborn.  He would leak out of the swaddlebees and grovia newborn AIO.  I decided to try using some prefolds and covers and was so pleased with how well they kept in his pee and poop.  I had a leak every diaper change with the others.  So now was time to give the LPD diaper a try.

I was really pleased with how they had put a snap down for the umbilical cord stump.  They even have extra row of snaps underneath the snap down, so you can get a nice snug fit!  L's cord has fallen off so I was able to just use the regular first row to get it nice and snug.  It seemed like this diaper fit much better in his legs than the other AIO's I'd tried. The others seemed to all have a gap at his leg.

I was a bit nervous as he is a long sleeper.  He fell asleep and I layed him down wondering if this diaper would hold up.  Well when he woke he had pooped.  Nothing came out of this diaper!! Yay!  With the double leg gussets it all stayed in wonderfully!  And the great thing about this diaper is that it is stuffable!  So if you do find that your baby wets more than it can hold, you can add more absorbancy!  Though I didn't find that I needed to, every baby is different.

   I couldn't be more pleased with this LPD newborn AIO!  At $11 it is extremely reasonably priced!  I know my DH loves to be able to just grab a cloth diaper and be able to put it on like a sposie.  He's not really wanting to deal with prefolds and covers.  So this diaper was perfect.  It is easy peasy and didn't leak!! Easy peasy isn't much fun when you have to change outfits every diaper change!  So glad this AIO actually fit the bill!  If you'd like to check out Lovely Pocket Diapers and their amazing Newborn Stuffable AIO, here is the link.  There is nothing better than supporting a WAHM and getting an amazing product at the same time!!

Can you tell by this picture that Mr L does not like his diaper changed!! LOL <3

~Laura B

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  1. What are you doing to that poor baby?! LOL He's cute even when he's ticked. :D <3

    Btw, that diaper does look like it gives a very nice fit. :)