Thursday, January 3, 2013

Need some help?

It's a new year - which normally means new years resolutions for everyone right?

I have just the book to help you tackle those large projects you're now convinced you need to get done.

And I'm serious - this book will help you.

21 Days To A More Disciplined Life - Kindle Version
21 Days To A More Disciplined Life - PDF Version

It is such a simple and straight forward design to help you tackle getting more disciplined in your life. In 21 easy days she'll help you reach your goals. She helps you to break them down into small pieces and spread them out all while giving you amazing pieces of advice and encouragement.

This is the quote that got me -

"Instead of addressing the root issue - my own, personal lack of self-discipline - I convince myself that a fancy new system or a change in circumstances will fix the problem."

Bingo... I have so many printables, filing systems, binders, books that I was convinced were going to help me but when I never follow through on them because the task is just too big and overwhelming well they don't do me any good except to help me go over budget :(   Well this book will not make you go over budget - starting today (Thursday) until Saturday the book is on sale for only 99cents!!!!

A complete worthwhile investment in my opinion.  :)  I've already started my 21 day journey and I'm loving it so far.

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