Friday, January 25, 2013

Boba Wrap Review

 Look how cozy L is! <3

I was so excited to get to do this review!  You all know how much I love to baby wear!  I was so happy to get the Boba Wrap in time to pack it inside my hospital bag.  As you know, I ended up with an emergency csection, so wasn't feeling up to wearing L in the hospital.  Big bummer. :(  I took some time to heal and get back to myself before wearing him.  I was able to get him nice and high in this carrier, so there was no issue with my incision (vertical). 

I absolutely love this wrap for a newborn!  Just look how snuggled in L is!  It's comfy for baby and for mama!  The wrap distributes the weight of baby evenly! It's so easy to wrap, anyone can do it.  It comes with a wonderful manual, and you can even go online to see how to also!  The first picture I think I had him a bit loose.  I tightened it up and was so pleased to realize how much length this wrap gives you!  I am a plus size mama, and am so happy that Boba doesn't exclude us!  All their carriers are completely usable for any size mama, just as it should be!  No worrying about whether it will fit, is a huge deal to us plus size mamas!
The material is so nice and stretchy it makes for the perfect fit every time.  It's material is what makes this such a comfy wrap for mama and baby!  And since it's so simple to use, it makes it one of the easiest carriers!  No buckles, straps or anything to deal with.

As a mama of 3 children, wearing baby is such a huge help!  My babies are always so content up next to me, and I am getting everything done that I need to.  L is my little monkey, and helps me with laundry, dishes, you name it! He couldn't be comfier in this wrap, he absolutely loves it!

The wrap comes in lots of amazing colors. I chose the brown, and it's the perfect shade!  Reminds me of chocolate. :)  It's very affordable at $38, too! You really can't go wrong with this carrier.  If you'd like to check them out here is the link. 


  1. My goodness...not even one comment?! Well, I for one, enjoyed your review, and especially your pics! :D

  2. I agree- I LOVE my boba baby wrap It is a comfy fit!

  3. I can't wait to get one of these! My fiance and I are planning to get pregnant next year and I am not a tiny woman. This wrap looms great for all sizes!