Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Breastfeeding Tips to Success!

So with the dawn of a new year and so many people either in the midst of or looking forward to nursing their little baby, I decided today to dedicate a post solely to breastfeeding tips and my recommendations/ favorite items.  Please feel free to comment and add your own tips for Breastfeeding success!

For those of you with medical concerns, who are Fostering/Adopting, chose not to breastfeed, or have other issues impeding your ability to actually put baby to can always use donated milk or formula and still enjoy the snuggling and bonding with your baby.  But for the purposes of this post, I am going to give tips  for the mamas putting baby to breast.

What you need...

#1. Baby obviously!

Followed closely by...

#2.  BOOBS!  Um, hello!  This is a must!  So for the male half of the population...SORRY!

#3. A comfy spot to nurse.  One of my number one recommendations for all new moms is to be comfy.  If you are not comfy and relaxed, baby will not be comfy and relaxed, and will not latch/suck/nurse.  So find the perfect place for you and baby...a nice, quiet, peaceful, relaxing, and most importantly comfy place to nurse.  There are tons of positions to nurse you need to find the position that works and a comfy place (couch, chair, bed, etc) to nurse in that perfect position.

#4. A nursing pillow.  Some people do no use one...but the vast majority of people will recommend the pillow.  I have tried a few and by far my favorite is the Boppy.  Even bigger recommendation...spring for the jersey knit covers for your Boppy pillow!  They are so nice, comfy, and stretchy...they actually give your Boppy more room to move and adapt to your form.  LOVE them!

#5. Nursing pads.  With my first baby, I really only leaked when my boobs were the morning or after a long shift at work with no pumping.  So I didn't need quite as many nursing pads.  This time around the boobs are much leakier!  I guess like most things...they don't work quite as well the second time around! LOL!  Either way...nursing pads are a MUST!  Disposables are there for your convenience but reusable nursing pads are FABULOUS!  They are so nice against sore nipples and hand washing is a cinch!  Plus you never run out!  My faves are Bamboobies.  Yeah, they are a little pricey but totally worth it!!!

#6. Nipple Cream.  New mamas, make sure this item is in your hospital bag!  Most hospitals do have samples...but make sure you have some!  Those first few days of nursing are brutal on your nipples!  These little outposts of flesh are not used to forceful sucking, gumming, and saliva being on them!  They can get ouchy in a hurry so make sure to keep ointment (or colostrum) on them so they don't get cracked/bruised/bloody/etc.  Colostrum is a WONDERFUL for sore nipples but in those first few days, ointments are actually a much better barrier and keep nipples healthier!  There are tons of creams from brands such as Lansinoh and Medela and natural ones too!

#7.  Breastfeeding attire.  There are tons of PRICEY items out there for breastfeeding attire.  Not sure why they are so dang expensive, but if you want the convenience, I guess you have to pay up!

First...Bras!  You need good bras!  If you are going to splurge...splurge HERE!  Nursing bras are a must and there are a TON of crappy ones out there.  With Miss A, I just used cheapie brand nursing bras...they were ok but not really comfortable.  This time around I treated myself and bought Bravado Body Silk Seamless nursing bras and they are to DIE FOR!!!  Honestly, they are worth every penny!!!

Nursing Tank Tops.  Ok, so these are optional.  With my first and my second, a large part of my wardrobe around the house is capris, a tank top, and a long sleeve t-shirt over.  This is my day to day outfit.  So nursing tank tops are a MUST for me!  They are so convenient and so comfy.  You can wear them all day, sleep in them, wear them under shirts, whatever you want!  You can wear them with a bra or in place of a bra (YES!).  They are just about the perfect thing!  My favorite nursing tank tops are Glamourmom tank tops!

Nursing Pajamas.  Also optional but oh so helpful for those middle of the night feedings!  I generally sleep in the nursing tank top (above) but there are so many nice nursing pajamas out there with nice roomy openings for nursing in the wee hours!  Nursing Pajamas are also a wonderful item for the hospital bag.  They are roomy and comfy for post-partum soreness and easy to nurse in!

Shirts.  Any shirt can be a nursing shirt, just lift from the bottom or pull down the top.  But if you are looking for something a little more modest or nursing friendly, there are tops made with an array of different openings to aid in the nursing process!

#8. A Nursing Cover.  Inevitably, you will have to nurse in public (NIP).  Maybe it is at your mom's house, or the mall, or somewhere else.  But you will find a time when you need to nurse and cannot get away to do so privately.  (I am vehemently against nursing in a restroom)  So a good nursing cover is a great thing to have in your diaper bag!  There are tons of great ones out there...Hooter Hiders, Bebe Au Lait, etc!!

#9. Pumping.

I recommend ALL nursing moms have a manual hand breast pump from day ONE!  You never know when/why you might need it!  With the guidance of a medical professional, a breast pump can be used to stimulate labor.  (always consult your doctor/midwife/etc before attempting this)  The manual pump can also be used after delivery to stimulate milk production, relieve engorgement, and store milk!  I recommend the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump.

If you plan to go back to work or plan on serious pumping, a double electric pump may be a wise investment!  The double pump can increase how much milk you pump while cutting your time spent pumping down!  I recommend the Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump.

Milk Bags/Bottles/Etc for storage.  You need a way to store all of that prized liquid gold!!!  My personal favorite are Lasinoh Milk Storage bags and my #1 tip it to freeze them laying down and then transfer to a standing position so you can read the labels easier!

Along with pumping, you will need bottles...this is a trial and error with your baby.  Some babies will take any bottle and some will only take a certain kind.

If you are going to do serious pumping, a hands-free pumping bra also might be a great investment!  This is great if you are pumping a lot and/or have things to do or other kids to care for.  Your hands can be free to do whatever and you are still pumping! :)  I recommend the PumpEase hands-free nursing bra!

Hmmm....what am I forgetting?  Ladies?  Those are my tips!  If you need any help or have questions, please email or comment below!  Fellow nursing mamas, feel free to leave tips and experiences below! :)


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