Thursday, August 16, 2012

A New Schedule

Well last week I wrote about a new era in our house....

This week it's all about a new schedule around here.  Usually my morning went like this:

Me - sleep until the last possible minute before one of my children wakes up - normally my 2yr old son woke first. I would let him pick a movie and make him some breakfast while I sat up with my cup of hot tea and try to wake up.  Approximately 2 hours later my 4 yr daughter would wake up and I would start breakfast all over again.  At some point my baby would wake up and need to nurse.  It would be 10:00 and we would all still be in our pajamas and just starting the day.  Obviously not the best scenario since lunch would be at 12 and my son would be ready to eat and go down for a nap and my daughter wasn't even hungry.... Just wasn't a good thing going for sure......... as a note - this *routine* started when we were building on to our house and my mornings were crazy with getting everything figured out and organized for the day for the workers.

So last week after buying our homeschool curriculum we (aka - my husband) that it was time for a new routine around here.  He wanted to start running again and having his Bible study time before the kids got up but he also wanted to wake them up before he left for work in the morning (about 7am). whew... really?

This is now day 4 and we've had some bumps along the way.  Monday was hard. Very hard.  My daughter did not like being woke up that early and while my son normally is an early riser that is on his own... he does not like being woke up before he's ready.  So we have had some rough moments. But Tuesday all three of my kids took 3 hour naps.... that was awesome!

Each week we'll had something new - this one was getting up early.  Next week will be more of a morning routine/schedule implementation.  I also want to start freezer cooking and meal planning again. 

Anyone have any tips on implementing schedules/routines for young children?

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