Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The UnPlug Challenge

This week's post was to begin the newborn diapering series...but I have gone a different way.  The series will start next week!

Lately I have found myself very stressed, anxious, and just on edge.  A newborn, a three year old, a husband who is never home, and trying to get our house back on the market for sale, just had me an anxious WRECK.  I was blowing up at everyone and just bawling for no reason at the drop of a hat.  I had to sit down and take a long hard look at my life, prioritize, and pull myself together.

I realized that Facebook, E-Mail, and the internet occupy FAR too much of my time.  I found myself saying "just let me finish typing this" or "just let me post this" and I was missing time with my kids and husband.  Updating my Facebook status is NOT more important than time with my family...but I needed to remind myself of this!  As a stay at home mom, the internet is my connection with the over-the-age-of-three world but I found myself staring at my phone or my laptop and allowing Miss A to entertain herself.  I was completely missing her childhood!

So I decided that this week was "UnPlug Week!"  I need to stay away from my phone and computer and stay off of Facebook.  It wouldn't be hard at all...but my BFF and I chat on Facebook throughout the day and not being on Facebook means not chatting with her.  Now THAT is hard!!!  But at the same time, she is in the same boat and completely understands my "absence" from Facebook.  She knows I still love her! ;)

So I made a pact, which I have kept for the most part, that I would only be on the internet when both kids were sleeping.  This doesn't happen much, so I have slipped for a second here and at 11am SHARP to check BabySteals and KidSteals! LOL!  But I have definitely cut my internet time down!  I have been playing with Miss A and trying to work more on teaching her shapes, colors, etc.  I just feel more relaxed and I feel like a better mom.  It's funny how something as silly as the internet can just consume you and you forget what really matters in life!

The biggest improvement has just been my stress level.  I feel like I can handle whatever comes my way, and I am not constantly rushed.  I only have two concerns...Miss A and Baby J.  If I can just focus on the two of them (and feeding myself too!) and not worrying about other things...I can make it through every day (mostly) stress free!  It has been working quite well!

So I challenge you to Unplug for a day.  Make your own rules for how much phone/computer time you can have and/or when you can have it.  Give it a try!  You will be amazed at how much time you discover that you forgot you had!  And you will be surprised at how much time with your kids you have missed!

So take the challenge, and come back and tell me how it went!!!  Happy UnPlug Week!

PS. This post was written Sunday night after the kids were in bed to properly start UnPlug Week! :)

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