Thursday, August 2, 2012


First off - sorry about the missing post last week - this post will describe where I was last week. And before I get started I want to say I am not making light of anyone's allergies or the severity of them.... these are just my observations lately.

Some of you may have read my story about my son's allergic reaction to Nutella (hazelnuts!) awhile ago.  My husband and I took him to Children's in Pittsburgh last week for testing.  The results were - peanuts, hazelnuts, and pecans.... but we are to stay away from all nuts for a full year.  Next year we will go to have blood work done to see if he's one of the 20% who will grow out of it or one of the 80% who will have the allergy for life.

Is it just me or are there a lot more allergies then before?  It seems everywhere you turn people have a gluten allergy, a milk allergy, a protein allergy (seriously!)..... why are there so many allergies all of a sudden - or are we just hearing more about them? Is it because of the garbage we eat on a daily basis? Is it because of all the additives and fillers in foods.... is it because we have gotten away from natural and healthy foods?  I really don't know.

Interesting enough I asked about our older and younger daughters - if they needed tested. And because our oldest already eats peanut butter she does not need testing, but they will test our youngest.  The doctor mentioned that avoidance from foods is what causes allergies so I asked if I should eat more nut products since I was still nursing her and her response 'I don't know'.  hmmm  Originally she said they thought pregnant/nursing women should avoid all nuts and then their children would not have the allergies but they found that's not true so I should not stop eating them.  But for me to eat more - her words were "I can't tell you yes or no but I can tell you 'It won't hurt'...... hmmm.

So while modern medicine is a wonderful thing and some amazing advances have been discovered I also think there are some things (maybe lack of nut products in formula) that may have something to do with this epidemic of allergies out there.....


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