Friday, August 10, 2012

Pregnancy Cravings

So I have rolled around to the twentieth week of my pregnancy.  Yay for halfway!  I had terrible morning sickness and it just finally got better the last couple weeks.  Wow, amazing how you forget how bad it is til you are doing it all over again.  But these babies are worth it!  So now that I am feeling better the cravings have kicked in a lot more.  Lately a peanut butter and banana sandwich has become my breakfast and go to snack!  Who would have thought.  Then zucchini is in season and I am just LOVING fried zucchini. Yummy!  I can't get enough peaches, cherries, really any fresh fruit.  I am not loving beef, hamburgers, anything really heavy.  I love anything fresh.  And the last thing is a new one, since I couldn't stand looking or even smelling pickles with my first two pregnancies, I'm very surprised to find that dill pickles are one of them!  We just made a batch of refrigerator pickles that I'm really excited about, too! ;)   So what are your cravings, or were your cravings?  Leave a comment and lets see what all the crazy foods babies make us eat! LOL

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