Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn Review

Just like the name implies, our next diaper in the Newborn Cloth Diapering Series is "simple" and easy to use!  The Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn is an All in One diaper that makes it one of the simplest and easiest diapers to use!  It also happens to be my ALL TIME FAVORITE newborn diaper and I will be seriously sad when Baby J no longer fits these...which won't be too long from now!   If you would like to read more about my initial findings with cloth diapering a skinny baby and our rocky start to cloth diapering Baby J, please see the Intro post here.

The Swaddlebees Simplex Newborn is an All in One diaper with all of the pros of an AIO but also has some features of a pocket diaper!  The simplex consists of a sewn in birds eye soaker that is attached at one end and loose at the other.  This allows for the soaker to agitate out in the wash but still maintain the convenience of an All in One diaper!  Both ends of the diaper below the soaker are open like a pocket to A) allow the soaker to agitate out and B) to allow you to add extra inserts for absorbency if needed.  This diaper also features a cord snap down in the front of the diaper to allow room for the baby's cord stump until it falls off.

Price Per Diaper:  (3/5 Stars)  This diaper retails for $16.95.  This price is about average for newborn diapers, especially AIO newborn diapers however you get a ton of bang for your buck plus these diapers fit longer than most newborn diapers going up to 16 pounds per the manufacturer.  Baby J is 12 1/2 pounds and still has lots of room to grow in these while other newborn diapers are in the too small bin.  For an average price, you get a lot more use than other diapers in the same price range.

Leaks:  (4/5 Stars)  When Baby J was at his lowest weight (upper 6's to almost 7 pounds) we did have some leaking around the leg openings.  My kids have really skinny legs to begin with and his loss of weight just made it worse.  For about a week, I just didn't use any of our cloth diapers because none of them fit his long skinny frame, but once he got some meat back on and got back to about 7 1/2 pounds, we got back into cloth and back into these!  And once we hit the 7 1/2 to 8 pound mark and the leg openings fit better, we were leak free!  Surprisingly, even though there are no gussets on this diaper, we had no EBF poop blow-outs either!!  There is a total of 11 layers of birds eye cotton on the inside of this diaper for absorbency.  We found that this was perfect for our little super soaker!  This diaper was extremely absorbent and we ended up using these for naps and at night!  I never needed to stuff another insert into these but love that option!

Fit:  (5/5 Stars)  This diaper is all hearts and stars when it comes to fit!!!  Except for the above mentioned leg leaks when Baby J lost weight, this diaper fit perfectly!!!  The two rows of snaps around the waist offer ample options for fit and the cord stump snap means this diaper will fit from day one!!!  The entire diaper has some stretch to it and the entire back waist of the diaper is elastic giving you that perfect fit every time!!!   And once my skinny boy hit that 7 1/2 pound mark, the leg openings fit perfectly as well!  My kids are very long and very skinny, not the typical baby.  Swaddlebees lists this diaper as fitting at 6 pounds, I can see that being quite true for most babies, just not the loooooong and skinny ones that I make! LOL!

Ease of Use:  (5/5 Stars)  It doesn't get easier than this!!!  Seriously!!  It is an All in One diaper, so no pieces or parts to keep track of!  The cord snap down makes getting this diaper on a newborn that still has his/her cord stump a breeze!  My only *small* complaint would be that the sewn in soaker has a tendency to twist and wrinkle in the wash making straightening it out to stuff it back in a little annoying at times...but this is a small con!

Washing: (4/5 Stars)  This diaper is a cinch to wash.  Since it is an AIO, just toss it in the washer and toss it in the dryer!  SOOO easy!  The birds eye cotton does stain a little here and there, but mostly it washes back to bright white.  And if not, a little sunning takes care of the rest!  Like I said above, the soaker twists in the wash and can be a little annoying to stuff, but other wise wash day is quite simple and short with these diapers!  Most AIO diapers take forever to dry, but since part of the soaker agitates out in the wash, it dries very quickly!

Overall Performance:  (5/5 Stars)  I cannot say enough about the Simplex Newborn!  They are trim, absorbent, and the prints are SUPER cute!  They fit well on my skinny baby and they have the cord snap down so you can CD from day one!  This diaper hits the home run in my book!!!  Highly recommend this!!

Total Stars:  26/30

Baby J is 12 1/2 pounds now, and still fitting nicely!!!

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