Friday, September 28, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Well, I will be at 28 weeks tomorrow! Where has the time gone!  I had a hard time enjoying my early pregnancy, but now that I'm far enough along it's flying by. We got a peak at baby a couple weeks back on u/s and all seems to be well. What a sigh of relief.  Many people ask me, "How are you feeling?".  I hate to complain so usually I just say I'm doing well.  The truth is pregnancy is HARD.  And if it's not hard for you, you are one lucky mama!!  I have been having issues lately with my sciatic nerve.  It has been getting worse and worse, too.  Anytime I'm standing or walking it starts to hurt and go numb.  A painful numbness, and it's so aggravating.  I have two children and an active family, so it's really hard to be feeling like that when everyone else is go go go!  I've been going to the chiropractor, just like I had with A's pregnancy.  Though it doesn't seem to be curing anything it does take the edge off.  I'm hoping to have another wonderful natural birth with this baby and I truly think going to the chiro helped to get A lined up and ready to make her entrance smoothly. 

Also my right hand/arm is KILLING me.  Dang carpal tunnel.  I had it very bad with my first pregnancy and also with my second but not as bad.  This time it's horrible again.  At first it was just really bothering me when I did things with my hands, but now it hurts constantly with no relief.  That is until last night.  I have been having such a hard time sleeping and getting comfortable.  Well I was reminded by my doctor and my mom (who suffered from carpal tunnel) to use a brace at night.  Let me just tell you I have never been so pleased!  It was like a miracle.  I actually might have to start using it even throughout the day at times, it worked so well. 

The first trimester I felt like I could barely function, I was just SO tired.  Then about half way through the second trimester I felt a bit more like myself again.  I am now in my third trimester and the tiredness is back.  I wake up wishing I could stay in bed forever.  After supper I am exhausted and wish bedtime was directly following our meal.  It's really hard taking care of two children and being so tired and run down all the time.  I pray that when baby comes we can find a way to juggle it all, because right now it feels like we are barely juggling it as it is.

Morning sickness.  I had it early on about 5/6 weeks it started and I threw up faithfully every morning for months.  For about 1 1/2 to 2 months I have been feeling a lot better.  That doesn't mean it doesn't sneak up on me though.  At any time, day or night, a food, smell or just feeling will creep up on me and boom! :(  Some days I go all day feeling fine and others it's a constant struggle to eat and keep things down. 
Yet in the end I know this is all worth the cause.  After trying for so long and losing two early pregnancies, I am so happy to be here.  For all the terrible symptoms I am dealt, I have a beautiful healthy baby growing strong inside of me.  Every bump and nudge I feel from the inside, makes it all worth it.  In 3 short months I'll be holding my babe and nothing will be more perfect that completing our family.  

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  1. Glad you're using the brace. I know it really helped me, and I did have to use it some during the day. Surgery is what helped me 100%, but I'm guessing that having a baby will be your cure. :)