Thursday, September 20, 2012

Easy Decorating

I love to decorate my kids rooms but my husband hates to paint..... the nursery is the only room in our house that has paint on it and it's ADORABLE but there has never been a paint brush picked up since then. 

So what's a mom to do who wants to customize and personalize her kids rooms.... wall decals. I *heart* them so much... they are so easy, affordable, and perfect! :)

I had another blog post all ready in my mind this morning but when checking my email I came upon this little tidbit of information - $25 for $75 worth of Wall Decals from WallSpirit.... swoon!!! 

Since I already have my kiddos rooms done and I'm looking at decorating our bedroom or the homeschool room I was thrilled to find a set of Planet decals for only $39.95... which is worth more than even the $25 to purchase the deal and I still have $35 left to spend on something else.  There are a ton of items to choose from.  There are laptop tattoos (very cool), chalkboard and whiteboard decals, clocks, etc... they seem to have a little bit of everything.  Even a Jesus decal... which I find odd that they have positioned over a bed.... not really sure I could um... you know sleep there with Jesus staring me down. ha!

This a Groupon deal for Pittsburgh so if you aren't from the area just change your location to Pittsburgh and because it's an online deal anyone can buy it and use it.

*The above is my referral link so if you buy through it I will get a referral fee and then maybe I can buy one of these deals too and spruce up my bedroom.... since we all know mommies put themselves last most days!

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