Monday, September 10, 2012

Sometimes Mama Needs a Time Out

Wow.  Mama needs a time out.

My son is two.

Ok, to be fair, his birthday was the beginning of August, so chronologically he's been two for a month and change...but I'm talking metaphorically.  

My precious perfect child is a monster.

Ok...I'm exaggerating.  He's still my sweet boy and only occasionally acts sour but he really tried my patience this weekend.  He was getting into everything (unlike before.)  He was kicking off and doing "toddler aerobics" and "displays of greatness" (throwing his little body back with temper tantrums.)  He was climbing on EVERYTHING (this includes me while I attempted to cook, sew more wipes for him and make 2 half aprons--which I'll post about later! do laundry, etc.)

We have entered a new stage.  The stage where mama grabs a beer and lets chaos ensue!

He is still cuddly, kissy and precious.  He still love love loves his mama and gives me a squeeze when he knows he not only went over a lone but blew past it like Lightening McQueen.

Mama needs a time out!  But, let's call it what it is: Mama/Mrs. M never gets one!  : D

<3 Jen

P.S. Fluffy goodness next Monday!!  Get ready!!

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  1. My Life to a T - but mines been two since the beginning of July!