Thursday, September 13, 2012

The 1st three days

Well it's official - I am a homeschooling mama. We had our first three days of school here this week and it's going really well. (I think I need to thank my husband who has been praying nonstop for us!).  I am really enjoying it so far and I think the kids are too.  I'm surprised how quickly and easily we got into a routine/schedule. So far this is what my day looks like -

Everyone gets up and has some breakfast. (Mama throws a load of clothes in washer)
We head up stairs to start our Accountable Kids Program (more on that later)
School - Numbers & colors for L & J
After school the clothes go in the dryer (washer and dryer are in our homeschool room), and the kids get to redeem a ticket from AKP. Mama cleans and starts to prep other areas of the day. 
After L & J are done with usually computer time they head outside for some fresh air.
Then comes lunch with story time after lunch.
By then hopefully baby N is down for her nap and we move back upstairs.
More schooling for L & J - phonics, writing. (this is also when we will do Social Studies & Science)
Then J goes down for nap. L has to lay down for 30 minutes of quiet time.  Mama gets some facebook creeping time, catching up on emails. :)
If L does not fall asleep - my nieces are being cyber schooled by my mom so this is when they get a break and can all play together outside for a bit. This is when Mama preps dinner and evening activities.
Dinner is next followed by cleaning up and outside time with Daddy.
The evening is finished by the completion of their AKP chores and Bible lesson time with Daddy.
And finally bed!!!

As I stated before we are using the A Beka Books curriculum and that has been a huge help for me since I had no idea where to start.  Now this is my 'ideal' normal day but we all know those never happen more than twice in a row.  For instance this week Monday & Tuesday went great, but Wednesday was stocked full of dr appointments and we spent 5 hours in town so lessons had to be shoved in after dinner before outside time.  It's wonderful to be able to just go with the flow and adjust as needed.  So far - I'm loving it! :)


  1. I'm so proud of you and a bit envious. You are doing such a wonderful thing for your children!

  2. I've been kicking the idea around...I teach so I'd have to maybe get hired on for an online homeschool program for income. D is only 2 so I have time! Who better than his teachermama, right?

    1. agreed!!! I'm so happy we've decided to go this route!