Monday, September 3, 2012

Fluffy Anticipation and Halloween!

Hey guys!  I have been MIA and it's all due to a new job!  Yay!  But the downside is a way long commute plus the fact I'm teaching math and social studies to 3 different grades!!  Luckily the kids are amazing (2/3 classes that is : ) and they are loving my wacky approach to teaching. 

I have some really exciting things in the works with a fantastic WAHM from whom I have ordered a custom made Cars diaper.  We are looking at a fab review (of her two different cuts) and an amazing giveaway.  More on that next week when she and I finalize all the details.

On a personal note--I ran a 5K at Disneyland this Saturday (stroller division, of course!)  For those who know me, this is so out of character.  I am NOT the athletic one in the house (the Daddyguy is at the gym as I type lol) but I have been inspired by his gym I recently joined.  Due to our son's food allergies and sensitivities--all found through breastfeeding and trial and error, I had cut out dairy, wheat, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, all fish and corn!  I lost the baby weight and an extra 30lbs but I needed to tone it up.  I love being active now and I love that I can include my son in the fun. 

Ok, on to Halloween.  Yes, I know it's JUST September, but I was feeling crafty and decided it was time to make some Halloween decorations with Cub.  He was less than thrilled however the end result was more than worth it!

I started with these goodies I picked up at Michaels:

I use Martha Stewart acrylic paint for everything...I admit I am a huge fan of her craft products and I am teased by Daddyguy incessantly for this fact!  I just chose some fun holiday-ish colors that I loved.  Keep in mind she has a ton of different finishes (white and orange were Pearl and needed a ton of coats, black was Metallic and shiny, purple and green were Satin.)

I just started to paint.  I'd say I had a definite plan but that'd be a lie.  I knew I wanted a palm print pumpkin, a handprint spider and bat and a footprint ghost but other than that--no plan! : )

This is after a few coats and a delightful viewing of Toy Story 2:
I used the white pearl for the "frame" to make the colors pop. 

Then, it was time to torture my poor Cub who by this time needed a nap DESPERATELY and just wanted to watch Ratatouille & nurse.  I was only able to grab one shot of the hand/footprint process...I used a sponge brush, painted his hand/foot and guided him where I wanted his imprint to go.  (The tattoo is his name--got it when he was 3 months old : )

Almost finished...I still need the staple gun & ribbon. 

Are they perfect?  Well, that depends on your my mind they are : ) !!  I added the little faces when he went to sleep.  I'll post a picture when my "Halloween Installation" is hung up! 

My next crafty endeavors are unpaper towels for the kitchen, a canvas for our freshly painted powder room, Halloween themed quiet books and more holiday handprint art!  Let me know what you'd like to see...

<3 Jen

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