Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kissaluvs Newborn AIO Review

While looking around (let's face it, stalking...) websites looking at newborn fluff and trying to decide what I wanted to try when Baby J arrived, I kept seeing the Kissaluvs Newborn AIO and kept thinking how much I would like to try those!  I could not find many reviews or mamas who had used them which sparked my interest even more!  Many mamas rave about the Kissaluvs newborn fitteds, but I am not a fitted and covers kind of when the opportunity came to trade a mama for a NIP one of these...I jumped at the chance and hoped that it would be a great addition to our newborn stash!  If you would like to read more about my initial findings with cloth diapering a skinny baby and our rocky start to cloth diapering Baby J, please see the Intro post here.

Price Per Diaper:  (4/5 Stars)  This diaper retails for $14.95 per diaper.  As with the other AIO's I have reviewed, this seems to be about average for the newborn AIO diapers.  Since it is an easy to use AIO with the cord snap down and many other nice features, the price seems right!

Leaks:  (2/5 Stars)  Ack!  I had high hopes for this diaper since the Kissaluvs fitteds are so highly regarded...but alas, my skinny leg baby had other ideas!  This diaper is quite similar in style and size to the Rumparooz Lil Joeys.  And just like that diaper, there were HUGE gaps around the legs with this diaper which led to constant leaking.  The actual diaper is quite absorbent and has great leg elastic, but those leg gaps just let any drop of pee or poop escape out the leg hole.  On a chunkier baby, I'm sure this would be a favorite!  But on skinny babes, it just doesn't work!  Baby J was 10 pounds or so before this diaper finally fit better around the legs.  This diaper does have a wider crotch area than the Lil Joey does and is to fit to 15 pounds.  My little guy is about 13 1/2 pounds now an while the leg openings are fitting, now the waist is getting too small.  We just did not have luck with this diaper.

Even at 10 1/2-11 pounds, the legs still weren't a great fit.

Fit:  (2/5 Stars)  As I mentioned above, by the time the leg openings fit, the waist snaps are getting too small for a good fit.  We never found a time when this diaper fit well around the legs and the waist at the same time. :(  This diaper does feature the snap down for the cord which is perfect to get this diaper onto baby early after birth, but for us this diaper was not usable until 10-ish pounds.  There aren't many options around the waist for snaps, but with the elastic back, we did seem to have a pretty good fit around the waist even when Baby J was tiny.  If you have chunkier babies, this diaper might be a home run for you, but on my skinny guy it just never fit right.  There is lots of room through the tush and the crotch for bigger babies which is great!  But on my skinny guy all of that extra room was exactly the problem!  There was extra fluff in all the wrong places!

Ease of Use:  (5/5 Stars)  Simple!  Extremely simple!!!  Since this is an AIO diaper there are no removable or movable parts and nothing to do extra for washing or prepping the diaper for use.  Simply toss in the wash, toss in the dryer, and put on baby!  The cord snap is easy to snap and unsnap.  Very easy to use!

Washing:  (5/5 Stars)  Like I said above, washing is simple since there are no extra parts with this diaper!  Just toss it in the wash and toss it in the dryer and it is ready to go!  For an AIO, I did not find that this took any extra time to dry!  And as for staining, this diaper washed back to all white every time!!  Stains lifted with regular washing and this diaper looks brand new!  The diaper I have has the white fleece inner and I had no problems with any stains or marks remaining after washing.  Kissaluvs also makes this diaper with a yellow inner which would be perfect for those mamas who hate EBF stains!

Overall Performance:  (3/5 Stars)  I wanted to love this diaper!  After all the hype with the Kissaluvs fitteds being many mamas #1 choice for newborn diapering and how cute these diapers are, I really hoped this would be a home run but this diaper just did not work for us!  If you know that you have chunky babies, I would recommend this diaper!  But if you bake your babies skinny or you are a first timer...I would not recommend this diaper.

Total Stars:  21/30

Here is Baby J weighing in at 10 1/2-11 pounds in his Kissaluvs AIO.

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  1. Thank you for posting this review, I was just looking around for reviews on this AIO and I could not find any but yours. Thanks again!!!