Thursday, September 27, 2012

My story

My sweet friend (and creator of this blog) shared her heart and story yesterday about her young daughter - read it here.

My heart broke for her as we too deal with 'not perfect' which really what is perfect? But that's a whole other post! :)

My oldest has an October birthday so for our school district she would have been almost 5 before she could have even attended K4.  But as you know we decided to homeschool and not just for religious reasons.  Our little girl has some processing issues.... it takes her much longer to connect the dots then normal.  And she has a very hard time focusing and gaining control.   When she was little she used to have TERRIBLE frustration tantrums. They weren't behavioral issues it was that she could not voice what she wanted to say quickly enough and would just lose it.  It was heartbreaking.... now some of you may question that and if we were just making excuses for her .... but.... as her mom I knew something just wasn't right. As a mom you just know.

As much as I think she would have loved school I do not think she would have excelled there.... she would have been pushed to the side, possibly even recommended to medicate, frustrated, etc.  It would not have ended well for everyone.

You have to do what's best for your child.  no questions. :)

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