Monday, September 24, 2012

Holiday Quiet Books

I am currently in the throes of making Halloween Quiet Books for D and my lil niece Tink (she is so a sassy lil blond fairy!)  There really isn't a whole bunch out there as far as ideas...I found some cute things but you have to pay for the pattern (no thanks, I'm crafty enough) and since I'm making these for two year olds, the babyish simple pictures you find will bore them.  Plus, not to be all "my kid/niece are amazing!" but they are...and they have some spectacular fine motor skills.  I want to foster those with some more challenging activities. 

So, $50 and a screaming two year old at JoAnn's later (hey people when you see a mommy wrestling a bag of snakes at the cutting counter and she only needs one thing, how's about ya let her go??  Huh??)  I went home to make a mess create at my table.  I managed one page (the create-a-face jack-o-lantern) for both kids and gave up trying to work around the NFL Redzone, a toddler in need of a nap and my own need to think. 

Since we needed lightbulbs for the light over the table, the pictures didn't come out well.  Once I get home from this harrowing day (long story but I didn't get to work until 10...)  I'll take some better ones with my new phone (<3 you Daddyguy!) and show off my fabulous work...but here's a supply list if ya wanna make one along with me!

Dark blue felt (I made my pages 7x9)
green felt (grass)
black felt (faces, I just started to cut and came up with 3 sets of eyes, mouths and noses)
yellow scrap (I used a cup to trace a circle for the moon)
orange felt (I used a Tommee Tippee bowl for a pattern lol)
green ribbons (scraps work, I used two kinds, one for the stem and one to create some interest)
bat embellishments (I used buttons)
sewing machine/needle & thread, liquid fabric adhesive

I cut down the blue felt using a rotary cutter...then traced and cut my pumpkin.  I freehanded the faces--simple shapes.  I used liquid fabric adhesive for the stems and to tack the grass, moon and bats down.  The pumpkin itself will also serve as a pocket so I will hand stitch that down once Cub goes down tonight.  I'll run the grass through my machine to make it interesting and hand stitch the moon and bats to make sure there aren't any escapees lol.  I painted some wood cats (JoAnn's had them for 29 cents!!  I grabbed a bunch of Halloween shapes!) that I'm debating whether or not to use...if I do, the cat will be attached by ribbon and sit in a grass "pocket."  Ohhh...and then I'll fringe the grass...and the cat will peek out...hmm!

Check back for more pages!  Part two will either be a haunted house or spider page..

<3 Jen

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