Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rumparooz Lil Joeys Review

One of the first Newborn diapers that interested me was the Rumparooz Lil Joeys.  Let's face it, they are just darn cute!!!  And they seem to be built perfectly for itti bitti newborns featuring inner gussets to hold in that EBF poop, a snap down for the umbilical cord, and they start fitting at 5 pounds to fit smaller babies!  Being that I bake my kiddos long and skinny, I thought that this diaper would be a perfect fit for my tiny bum babies!   If you would like to read more about my initial findings with cloth diapering a skinny baby and our rocky start to cloth diapering Baby J, please see the Intro post here.

Price Per Diaper:  (4/5 Stars)  A two pack of these diapers retails for $29.97 which is $14.99 a diaper.  This is about average for the newborn AIO diapers and being that this is a quality and well made diaper, it may be well worth your money!

Leaks:  (2/5 Stars)  We did have some trouble with this diaper leaking.  Baby J lost weight down into the upper 6 pounds and these diapers just did not fit at all.  There were HUGE gaps around the leg openings and they just leaked and leaked.  I had to take them out of rotation until he got up around 8 to 8 1/2 pounds.  At that weight, then we started having leaking out the front waist if he went to sleep in this diaper.  If you have chunky babies, this diaper would probably work well, but for my skinny boy, it just did not work well for us.  This diaper is an AIO, it is all one piece and there is no way to add absorbency if needed.  As Baby J got bigger, it would have been nice to be able to add absorbency and maybe use these a little longer.  That being said, the inner gussets did do a very good job of containing EBF poop when Baby J was smaller.  So if you had a chunkier baby that the leg openings fit and didn't leak pee, it would be a great diaper!

Fit:  (2/5 Stars)  When Baby J lost weight, obviously these diapers just did not fit around his skinny little legs at all.  But I was always quite pleased with how this diaper fit around the waist and how nice the cord snap is for those first few weeks while the cord stump is still on.  If your baby had chunkier legs, this would probably be a great diaper!  But on my skinny leg boy, it just did not work.  Also I found that as he got bigger, the crotch was just too skinny to contain pee/poop.  I did not feel that this diaper fit well as we approached 11-12 pounds and it did not contain enough pee/poop for a child that size.

Ease of Use:  (5/5 Stars) This diaper could not get easier!  It is an AIO with no moveable parts so it is just snap on and unsnap muss no fuss!!!  Also it is a cinch for washing since it is just toss it in the washer and in the dryer and back on baby!  Nothing else to do!

Washing:  (4/5 Stars)  This diaper is a cinch to wash since it is an AIO.  But since it is an AIO, it does take a little longer to dry.  If you hang to dry, you may need to finish off in the dryer since it takes sooo long for these to dry!  As for stains, they mostly come out completely with washing.  A few pesky EBF stains stayed but sunned easily.  You do have to watch the gussets to make sure that all poop washes clean, this is also an area where stains are a little tougher.

Overall Performance:  (3/5 Stars)  I really wanted to love this diaper, but it just did not work for us. :(  If you have chunkier babies, this diaper might work great for you!  But on my skinny leg little man, these just never seemed to fit quite right.  This diaper was great in theory for us, but just did not execute well.  Boo!

Total Stars:  20/30

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  1. All your comments ring true even for a medium sized baby 'not chunky, not skinny)!