Friday, June 15, 2012

Boba Review

 I was so thrilled to get the opportunity to review this great soft structured carrier!  Boba was so generous to let me test out this carrier, since I have only used an Ergo so far.  I was so excited for many reasons!  I had a friend who absolutely LOVES her Boba and she leads a babywearing group in her area.  So of course when given the opportunity to do this review I was about beside myself with joy! So the tough part came to be choosing which amazing pattern!  I ended up with their beautiful Soho design, but had a REALLY hard time not getting the cute Kangaroo one they have! And just a FYI, they have just recently put out a line for Dad's!  Calling all camo lovers!!!  That was truly the hardest thing about this carrier, choosing the design!  I haven't yet gone over the Soft Structured Carriers on a blog post, so look forward to that post next week!  For just a general idea in case any of you don't know a SSC has buckles on the straps, to take away the tying of long straps like on a mei tai.

 As you can see both my kids were really curious about this new carrier.  One of the coolest features that is not on any other carriers are these foot straps. It's like a stirrup for your older child to put their foot in.  It helps with heavier/taller kids to keep that knee above bum rule of thumb.  And as you can see with some of the other pictures, Miss A thought these were the bees knees!  They are snapped onto this ingenuous plastic runner, so that the foot strap can be in the right position whether child is on your front or back. Miss A thought it was fun to keep sliding her foot straps back and forth! ;)  It's such a simple feature that just makes so much sense!  I think it really made her feel more secure also. 

She was super comfy in it and seemed to really enjoy herself when being worn.  She's 31 lbs and turning 3 next month.  Not many carriers are going to be comfy for her at this point.  Yet she was very comfy and I was too.  It's amazing how great the weight is distributed!  She definitely didn't feel like she weighed that much. And also this carrier has the tallest carrier back for child.  So even though she is tall, there was plenty of support for her back, unlike many carriers not made specifically for toddlers only. 

Now as you all know I am a plus sized mama.  Now when I am looking for a carrier as a plus sized mama, I am always worried about fit.  With the Ergo I can't just wear it, I need an extender. This is fine, as I can add it on and make it work, but you know it stinks when you are reminded that you aren't able to just buy it and it fit.  Well Boba, THANK YOU!!! You made this plus sized mama, who is also 12+ weeks pregnant with #3 feel wonderful.  Not only does the Boba fit it had extra room!!!  So this is monumental for a woman who after saying she'd love to review this product had a panic attack about whether it was big enough to fit me! So two thumbs up for being so versatile with your sizing.  This means a mama and daddy can share the carrier no matter how much their sizes differ!

 This is a close up picture of the chest strap.  It's on a runner so that the whole strap VERY effortlessly goes up and down to adjust for optimum comfort! It's the little things people.  This company has thought of everything to make your baby wearing experience an effortless one.  It was so easy to buckle and adjust all the straps to fit me perfectly.  I was just super impressed with how much more fluid everything worked than the Ergo. 

 Look how cute the pattern is!  It's 100% cotton and so comfy!  It feels already broken in, not stiff and cumbersome.  I found that the straps were padded enough for super support yet it wasn't so puffy that it was uncomfortable.

12+ week pregnant mama with an almost 3 yr old on her back!  That's impressive! I'm seriously amazed at how well it fit and felt!  So comfy and supportive!

As you can see this carrier did an awesome job for my daughter and I, it was super comfy, easy to use, and super stylish.  There was not one thing that I was disappointed about.  It over exceeded all of my expectations.  I really thought this was going to be just like any other SSC and how could they make an impact.  I was so wrong, they have so many simple but super useful features that the Ergo and other SSC just don't have.   There are features I didn't use since my daughter is almost 3, but it also has a pocket with a hidden sleep hood.  We all know how great it is to put the hood up once baby has fallen asleep on your back!  It has 3 actual pockets to hold small items!  And my favorite feature that makes it super versatile is it has snaps that you can make this carrier into an infant carrier.  With just 2 simple snaps and re-threading the buckles you now have a carrier you can use from BIRTH to 45 lbs!!  I so look forward to doing a follow up review when baby #3 arrives in December.  If you buy an Ergo you aren't supposed to put an infant in it without the infant insert.  So the Boba has made it so you buy the carrier and you don't need to add on anything to it to make it fully functional for all sizes of mamas and all sizes of babies!  I couldn't be happier with this carrier and it will be for sure a carrier I recommend to all baby wearing mamas who are looking into purchasing a SSC or just want one carrier that is good from birth to beyond! 

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