Thursday, June 28, 2012

Potty Training

Hello all!

I'm still trying to decide what direction to go with my posts.... the lack of interaction with comments, postings on fb, and sharing of my posts has really got me down ... I know this takes time to build up but in a society where everything is now, now, now... well I want success NOW!. ha

But as many of you know I did not and am not cloth diapering (although I really wish I did and was - but that's another post).  So there's been lots of talk among my mommy friends about potty training and I thought I would share my stories with my first two children.

My daughter is almost 5 and up until a month ago was still wearing a pull-up to bed. It did not matter what we did this girl just could not stay dry during the night... and she would sleep right through peeing her bed.  Now this was the child that we got super excited about because at a year old she started pooping on the potty. She hated dirty diapers and was thrilled to poop on the potty... but hence it stopped there.  It took her till almost 4 to really get the peeing part down.  It was rough some days.  About a month ago I just got tired of buying pullups for her.  So a friend has shared what they had done with their son who was having this problem... now this is not for everyone I admit that but sometimes sacrifices must be made - for awhile.  For two straight weeks my husband and I set our alarms for midnight and 4:00 am. and got up and took her to the potty. It was awful and so tiring but her body FINALLY got the message that she's to wake up when she has to pee not sleep through it.  Yes we gave up sleep for two weeks but we are now on the road to complete and total bladder control! It was totally worth it.

Now my son who is almost 3.... absolutely no desire. none. zero.  so frustrating.  We have gotten him to sit on the potty before bed and bath time and he usually goes but could honestly care less.  He just does not want to do it.  This is where I really wish I cloth diapered... I heard it helps.  Plus he's driving me crazy because every time he does pee (maybe 3 or 4 times a day) he INSISTS he pooped and needs changed - but he hasn't pooped - he's just peed. a lot.  ugh... I know some day he'll get it but boy... I hope soon. ha!

Oh and my 8 month old.... I haven't even though about potty training her yet. ;)

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  1. So have you heard of the three day potty training method? I have an eight month old so not even close to potty training but I have a friend who did a gentler version of the 3 day method... she basically spread it out to a week... Basically you limit their intake of fluids at night.... put them straight in underwear no more diapers and put them on the potty like every half hour for a few minutes and when they have an accident they (with your help) clean it up! Im thinking of trying it... my friend says she has had very few accidents in the month since she has done it.

    1. I struggled with limiting fluids.... I didn't want my kids to become dehydrated... it was just something I worried about. My son just refused to wear underwear... so annoying. And my daughter... well she would pee during the night and not even know it so I know her problem was her body wasn't telling her she had to pee... getting up in the middle of the night really helped her recognize those signals!