Monday, June 4, 2012

End of the Year! & Musings from a Mom Who Works..

This might sound strange, but it is the end of the year for me!  I teach second grade and this is the last week of school. While I will miss the kiddos, I am SO looking forward to staying home with Cub.  This has brought up the whole Moms Who Work or Moms Who Stay Home thing....

I am blessed to have a career that I LOVE and that gives me amazing vacation time plus when Cub is in school, he will come with me.  My sister stays at home with her daughter and I had recently given her A LOT of grief for "complaining" about being home.  I would love to stay home!!  But our kids are very different...and so are our situations.  My son is--for the most part--super low maintenance.  My niece is not...I call her my Princess for a reason!  I know my sister loves her daughter but I also know she wouldn't mind a break.  Me, I don't necessarily want one from Cub. 

I am proud of myself for going to college, for getting into teaching.  I have met so many kids who touched my life--I have met so many families I am still close with today.  I am personally fulfilled doing what I do.  But it ain't all roses, trust me!!  I love what I do.  I love my son more.  It's a constant struggle.

There shouldn't be judgement on either side, however there is and we are human.  We can't help it!  I don't like "Working Mom" or "Stay at Home Mom" because guess what--we are all moms!!  I am a mama who works.  The job doesn't define me.  The fact I have a career doesn't define what kind of mother I am. Plus, FYI people, I have to do everything moms who stay home d--

I have had someone at work tell me recently "just rearrange our priorities and stay home."  In a perfect world, maybe.  But I was pretty insulted.  The insinuation was that I should do one or the other.  Why not both?  Why CAN'T I work AND be a mama and do BOTH well? 

Do you stay home?  Do you work?  What are the misconceptions and struggles you face?

<3 Jen

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  1. I stay at home with my two little ones. LJ is 4 while BG is 16 months. Yes, they can be a handful, but I love my job of mommy and would not change it for the world. One struggle I have faced is the comments from people, including MY MOM! Kids are frustrating sometimes. It happens. I have actually had my mom tell me that I should go back to work in order to get time away from my kids. Not just once, but twice. She has said it when I just want to vent a little about a particularly bad bad or something. Now, I feel that I can't go to her to vent without hearing that I should go back to work.
    I think moms can totally do work and mommy well together. I think it is great to be a working mommy if you can. You can totally do both and well.