Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Ok before you look at the date after reading the title let me remind you that I have three kids, just finished a major renovation/addition, and just recently became a SAHM.... I am way behind on my spring cleaning. ha

My last couple of posts haven't been that popular it seems... so I'm not sure the money saving/making is the direction you all want me to go on here... I've been praying about it and will hopefully see a clear answer soon!

So in the meantime... this past week has been spent cleaning my closet. After three pregnancies, three babies, and three different weight loss rates I had acquired quite a collection of sizes of clothes.  So I started sorting... EVERYTHING that I owned.... our bedroom and closet looked like a store exploded.... there were clothes in every nook and cranny... and piles on every surface... too big, too small, never wore, wear all the time, really want to wear sometime, never going to get back in to no matter how hard I try, etc. 

I was able to make a pretty substantial pile for selling, a bin of winter/slightly too small clothes that hopefully fit me in the fall, a bin of too big (hopefully won't need them again unless we do the baby thing again), and slimmed down my closet a bit.  It was so wonderful and refreshing to finish this job.

I also took some pictures to prove to myself that it does make a difference to be accountable (knowing I was going to do a post on this!).  Here they are!

Before closet

After closet

And a couple closer shots - before and after! (I have no idea why that picture won't rotate! sorry)


  1. This is exactly what I'm trying to do in our house. We have a 1bedeoom and a 8 month old and it just seems like there is always stuff to get rid of and stuff that needs organizing. Any tips for kids toys storage in a 650seq foot apartment?

    1. oh boy... Do you have a storage area anywhere that you could store some toys - we've found it works well to put away half of their toys and then rotate every couple of months... each time it seems like new toys to them!