Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ring Slings and Rebozo

 My homemade rebozo

 Silk Ring Sling in action at wedding
 (for the record my fabric should be fanned out more over my shoulder)

Ring Slings are a great option and many people have seen or used a ring sling.  These are nice because they can be used in many carries and many years.  I found that a black silk ring sling I had, was a nice dressy option.  It was the carrier I’d use when going to a wedding or somewhere fancy.  There are lots of choices in pricing.  You can buy really expensive ones, or WAHM, or even sew your own.  My only thing about sewing your own is to make sure you get the right rings.  They need to be ring sling rings, so there is no sauder and they are continuous metal the whole way around.  Sling Rings is a great place to buy these from.  They need to be strong and reliable to hold your precious infant!  I found that I liked the ring sling for short period of time, but for a long hike or baby’s nap time I’d rather have something that had straps on both shoulders.  So the weight of baby was more evenly distributed than a one shoulder carrier.  These carriers are one of my favorite for hip carries though. 

The robozo is a Mexican carrier.  They are a long scarf like piece of fabric that you tie into a slip knot. So the knot is essentially the ring on a ring sling.  This allows you to adjust the sling just like a ring sling and it’s so easy to make your own.  You can find sheets, table clothes and even just linen fabric you can buy and hem that work wonderfully.  A lot of times these are called a shorty in wrap terms, so a really short woven wrap can be used like a rebozo. So really this overlaps the wrap post! It can be worn in a few carries, but I always used mine like a ring sling, so I posted it here. :)  I made my own out of fabric, that for my first child I never even hemmed it, I just let it fray.  Then when I had my second child I hemmed up the edges.  It worked beautifully!  I would use it a lot to nurse in.  I could throw the ends up over myself and discreetly latch on my child and nurse at the zoo or mall.  I loved being able to carry them in a hip carry and nurse and they’d fall asleep and I could go about my shopping!  The fabric I got I have is so soft and my son used to pull it out of my carrier basket and wrap himself up in it and just play with it.  He really loved that carrier! <3

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