Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Update On Our Lives

    For over a week now I have been without internet which has been both good and frustrating.  I have been able to have a little more focus (which was MUCH needed) on things surrounding me and my family.  So many things have changed and change continues to happen here on a daily basis, both awesome and scary.

    My hubs has been off work since last August due to an eye injury at work which has left him blind in that eye.  He was recently cleared by the doctors to return to work and had been searching since that day.  He got a job, went to a week of training only to find out that his cadmium levels were too high (from a previous job) for them to allow him to continue to be employed there considering that he would be exposed to it there. Too much cadmium can be fatal, so I was grateful for their conscience effort to keep potential employees safe but scared for my family who was now, once again, left without an income.  So I did the best thing I knew to do, I prayed. Monday he started a new job that not only pays more but is closer to home! Plus, he won't be exposed to any harmful materials =)

   Jubbs is amazing!  She bit into an apple the other night and noticed that her tooth was loose.  The next day I woke up to her being so loud and excited.  Needless to say I was bothered by being woke so abruptly but interested in what was so exciting.  "Mommy, I pulled my tooth out! It was wiggly. I couldn't stand it anymore so I pulled it out! There was a little blood on my lip but I wiped it off. It's ok. THE TOOF FAIRY IS COMIN' TONIGHT!!!!" What a trooper! My daddy always pulled my wiggly teeth, I couldn't do it myself.  She is also getting ready to leave me for TWO WEEKS!  She is driving down to North Carolina with my Aunt.  This will be the longest we have ever been apart.  She seems to be okay with all of this, me not so much!  She told me that though she will miss me she knows I will be here to take care of her stuffed animals for her, LOL!

    Capt. Caveman, now he is something!  Not only is he fastly approaching his third birthday he is also that much closer to being diaper-free!!!  We have been using the "Boot Camp" method.  Basically he runs around pantless =)  We had a few accidents, of both kinds, when we first tried this so we stopped for a while as reccomended.  Then out of the blue he started asking to use the potty.  He has been successful for about 2 weeks now at going on the potty though we still diaper him at naptime, bedtime and whenever we go out.  The next step for this is to try to get him diaper-free through naptime and then take it from there.  The first time he made poopies was so exciting for him.  He stood up, started raising his fists up and down and screaming "I did it! I did it! I did it!"  I must say I was overjoyed myself.

   The Velociraptor continues to hit milestone after milestone.  She has moved on to baby food and (against my stongest efforts) formula.  She wants to crawl so badly but has only mastered "the worm".  And boy oh boy does she try to talk!  She still sounds off like a velociraptor but has now added "rasberries", cooing and purring like a kitty to her list of sounds.  Her two top teeth have now come in to match the two bottom that came in at 4 months and it seems as though she already has another one popping through.  She is nothing short of amazing.

    Pvt. K (the name I have given to my growing baby) is now approximately 13wks.  I say approximately because the doctors are only guessing at the due date because I was breastfeeding and had no cycle to go off of.  I am considering on letting this one's sex be a suprise. I found out with my others because I needed to know for room situations but at this point we are running out of room and I'd really like to be suprised but Hubs is pushing to find out ... We are still a bit away from the sonogram that will reveal the sex (if we choose to know) so I will have to do more convincing that suprised is the best ... I'd LOVE to know what you all think =)

    I myself am exhausted! I have gotten really used to Hubs being home the past 10 months helping with the children and now that I am doing it all by myself again I feel as if I am at wits end!  "Pregnacy brain" has been in full effect and I think that it is worse than it ever has been in the past.  I am blaming that on the fact the other's were 18mos old before I became pregnant and the Velociraptor was only 4mos when I found out.  I have been a giant stress ball and the "ball" seems to be growing quickly.  I know that isn't good for any pregnancy so I try to take a breather when I can, even if it is only 5 minutes in the bathroom alone with the door shut or a walk out on the front porch to hear my chimes.  I know alot of this stuff I stress about will eventually work itself out but I can't help but to stress sometimes, especially when it has to do with my family!

    I thank you all for taking the time to learn a little more about me and my family.  My main goal with posts like these is to show that life happens to everyone and that we have to take the good with the bad.  Everything will be fine as long as we get out of our own way! ~ Robin =)  

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  1. We did not find out the sex of our babies with our first pregnancies and I loved it. We did find out with our third and honestly I wish we hadn't... the surprise in the delivery room is awesome!!! If we do it again we won't be finding out again!