Saturday, June 23, 2012

Soft Structured Carriers (SSC)

 My old and newer style ergo!

 The Boba in Soho with my almost 3 yr old!

Soft Structured Carriers have become very popular and for a good reason.  There are many brands, Ergo, Beco, and Boba are just a few.  I have 2 Ergo's, one is an old version that I had bought used and after my daughter was born I sold off her newborn diapers and bought the pink flowery Ergo they had just come out with.  I am plus sized so I do need the extender.  I have no problem with it fitting once I have the extender, and most wouldn’t need the extender.  I loved this carrier when my children were older.  We actually kept the older Ergo for Daddy to keep as his own.  He would use it when we would go hiking and carry one of the kids in it.  A SSC is a great guy carrier and I have to think it’s so easy to use that it helps for the guys.  Men are no fuss and this is a no fuss carrier.  There is nothing to tie, only to snap together the buckles.  This can be challenging to get the top strap clipped when you are wearing baby on front and have to clip the back top strap.  This is something that you will figure out how to do and it’s not that bad.  Though it can be aggravating at times.  Many people actually prefer being able to just do buckles. Last week I went into detail about the Boba I was given to review.  It's definitely my personal favorite between the Ergo and the Boba.  They can come in pretty fabrics or more classic styles that no daddy will complain about wearing!   I personally found that SSC were my favorite when my kids were getting to heavy for a lot of my other carriers. They were still able to be worn in my other carriers, but for longer time periods or hikes, there is nothing that can compare to the comfort of a SSC.  The only reason they aren't my all time favorite for all ages, is mainly because they were so much more bulky and cumbersome than the rest of my choices.  Many people love them from birth to toddler, and I am dying to try out my Boba with the newborn adjustments and see what it's like.  Look forward to seeing more about wearing a newborn in December!!!

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