Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aliyah's Hope Chest Fleece Diaper Cover Review and Giveaway

S: Rise - 15" Waist - 13" to 15" Thigh - 7" to 8"
M: Rise - 17" Waist - 15" to 17" Thigh - 9" to 10"
L: Rise - 19" Waist - 17" to 19" Thigh - 10" to 11"
XL: Rise - 20.5" Waist - 19" to 20.5" Thigh - 11" to 13"

Price Per Cover:  ★★★★★  Most fleece diaper covers from Aliyah’s Hope Chest are sold for $6.99.  This is a fabulous price for a cover!  AHC is also always having great deals, so you might get a couple for even less per cover!!  However, depending on how much your child wets and how frequently you change your child, you may only get one use out of this cover before needing to wash.  It all depends on what you want!  However, this is a WAHM and I love supporting them!

Leaks:  ★★★★★  Even thought this is a single layer fleece cover, I did not have any issues with leaks!  This may be a testament more to the fitteds that I used with it, but I did not encounter any problems with this cover!  We did occasionally wake in the morning a little moist around the front waist since she sleeps on her stomach and there was pressure on this area trapping moisture.  But it was not enough to wet her shirt or her sheets and this was after 12-14 hours of sleep…not much does hold up that long!!

Fit:  ★★★★★  Fleece itself is a little stretchy, plus you are putting this over a fitted, contour, etc.  Even though this is a sized cover and there is no way to adjust it, I found that it fit my daughter perfectly!  Around the legs and waist, the fleece trim is folded over and is therefore 2 layers.  This makes the waist and the legs a little less stretchy (still a little stretchy) and a little more rigid.  This is great around the legs and waist to prevent blow-outs and to absorb more in these areas as they are the #1 and #2 offenders for leaks.

Ease of Use:  ★★★★★  It really does NOT get any easier than this!  This is a non-adjustable cover, so you simply pull it up (like undies) and over the prefold, flat, fitted, contour, etc of your choice.  No messing with snaps, Velcro, etc.  Your baby is happy and dry for quite a few hours, then you take it off and toss it in the diaper laundry!  There are no special instructions for anything!  Of course you can hand wash or hang to dry, but only if you want to!

Washing:  ★★★★★  Toss in with diaper laundry, into dryer, and back onto baby!  Simple!  This cover washes well and has only gotten SOFTER with multiple washes!!!  It washes up easily, dries fast, and is super comfy for baby!

Overall Performance:  ★★★★★  I will admit, I was shy and even afraid to try fleece.  I was also quite skeptical!  BUT…after using this cover…I am in Love with fleece!!  It is so nice to know that baby will wake up dry, rash free, and her bum is super soft and cute!  It is also super easy to use and care for fleece!  The only negative that I can see to fleece covers in general would be that depending on how heavy of a wetter your child is and/or how frequent you change them, you may only get one use out of your cover before it needs washed.  This just means that you may need a couple more of these ADORABLE covers!!!

Total Stars:  30/30  Wow, my first perfect score!  Congrats AHC!

You may make purchases directly from Aliyah's Hope Chest here!  If you are going to make a purchase, AHC has graciously offered a 20% discount code for all TMG readers.  Just use the code "TMG20" at the checkout!  Also, Giveaway below!!


  1. Thanks for another amazing giveaway. The WAHM products are my favourite. It is great to support other mothers out there!

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