Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Doopsy Insert Review and Giveaway

In all of the pictures, the top/red insert is the newer insert that I am reviewing.  The bottom/orange insert is the older loop insert from Doopsy.

This review and giveaway was sponsored by BabyEcoMart.

Size Small – 13x5 in
Size Medium/Large - 15x5 in

Overall Performance: ★★★★★

This insert is extremely absorbent.  My daughter is a heavy night time wetter, and this insert made it through a 13 hour night on her!!!  The outside of this insert is made with one side of PUL lined with a layer of Bamboo Hemp Terry and the other side that makes the pocket is also made of the same Bamboo Hemp Terry (70% Bamboo 30% Hemp).  The Bamboo Hemp Terry is very soft and plush to touch making it compatible with any type of pocket diaper.  Additionally, there is a 4 layer microfiber insert that fits into the Bamboo Hemp Terry and PUL pocket.  This combination makes this insert bullet proof!

Doopsy is brilliant with the outer layer of PUL on this insert.  This just makes the insert so much better which in turn makes your life easier and your baby stay dry longer!

I was excited to try this insert as I have two other styles of Doopsy diapers and their inserts.  Both of those are the Loop inserts that stuff into themselves and then an extra insert.  I found that those inserts were extremely absorbent and when I saw that Doopsy had a new version coming out, I knew that it just had to be even better!  I was not disappointed!

My biggest complaint with the old loop inserts was the fact that they were a huge pain to stuff back together.  With this new Doopsy insert, that headache is gone!  It is so easy to just stuff the microfiber insert into the pocket and be done! 

Also, since the back of this insert is PUL, this makes the entire insert glide smoothly into whatever pocket diaper you wish to use it in!  Of course, this insert fits best into a Doopsy pocket diaper, but it also fits quite well into any pocket diaper.  I did find that with some other brands of pocket diapers, the pocket is a little wider and you have to be careful when putting the diaper onto baby that the insert is in the middle of the pocket and not off to one side.

You may buy this insert directly from BabyEcoMart here.  Pricing right now is $7.99 per insert.  In the wide range of inserts out there, this is about average price and you do get a HUGE bang for your buck!  Also, BabyEcoMart is always running sales and promotions, so you can watch for those too!

Or, of course, you could win one!!!  Entry below!

This review and giveaway are not part of Under Cover Month.  This giveaway will end in one week on March 17th, 2011.  Winner will be announced on the blog as well as emailed on Friday March 18th, 2011.  Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize before another winner will be chosen.