Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ruby Moon Natural Laundry Wash Review and Giveaway

Overall Performance:  ★★★★★

When using a new laundry detergent, I ask myself a few questions.  Does it get my diapers clean?  Do they smell fresh?  Are the stains gone?  Do any stinkies remain?  Does it cause build up?  And the answer… the Ruby Moon detergent performed perfectly!!!

My diapers smelled fresh, they even smelled GOOD because of the yummy scents Ruby Moon makes!  My diapers we clean without any stains or marks.  And even after a few washes with this detergent, there was no build up or stinkies!!!

I am always scared to use a new detergent for a few reasons.  First, my daughter has very sensitive skin.  This was one of the reasons that we switched to cloth in the first place.  So I am always very worried to try new detergents as they have a tendency to irritate her skin.  Ruby Moon did not irritate my daughter’s skin!  Ruby Moon was developed by a MOM who had a baby with eczema.  So this detergent was designed with very sensitive baby skin in mind!

And second, I have an HE washer and I am always fearful of detergent not rinsing out or having other problems due to the HE washer.  This detergent rinsed out well and left my diapers as fresh as they were prior to use!  This detergent is made from natural and biodegradable ingredients.

I highly recommend Ruby Moon Laundry detergent if you are looking for a detergent that will get your diapers squeaky clean, with no residue, no harm to baby skin, and smell yummy too!!  (I love the Warm Vanilla Sugar!!)

You can buy direct from Ruby Moon here.  Or, giveaway below!