Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stay Dry Liners - Information, Reviews, and a Giveaway

What is a Stay Dry Liner?  A stay dry liner is a thin liner, usually made of Fleece that sits in between the diaper and baby’s bum, wicks away moisture, and keeps baby comfy.

Why would I use a Stay Dry Liner?  Most pocket diapers and All-In-One diapers use a fleece or microsuede fabric that sits between the inserts and baby’s bum.  These fabrics are made to wick moisture away from baby and into the insert.  This keeps baby dry, comfortable, and happy.  However, when using prefolds. flats, or many fitteds, there is no stay dry layer in the diaper.  This can cause baby to be uncomfortable as they are aware of the wet diaper on them.  This is great when potty training, but not so great at other times.  Stay dry liners cure this problem by adding that comfy barrier between baby and the wet diaper.  While these liners do wick moisture away, they are not absorbent and do not add to the absorbency of your diaper.  Liners are also used to protect the diaper from stains or front non cloth diaper safe rash creams.

Can I use Diaper Cream with a Stay Dry Liner?  Another main purpose for this liner is to act as a barrier to protect the diaper.  Many parents use liners (reusable or disposable) to protect their diaper from poop stains, to remove poop easier, and/or to protect from non cloth safe diaper rash creams.  You do have to be careful to place the liner in the center of the diaper to give it the most protection.

How do you launder a Stay Dry Liner?  If you are using a non cloth diaper safe cream, do NOT wash your Stay Dry Liners with the rest of your diapers as the cream can come off in the wash and ruin your diapers.  You must wash them separately, using either your regular diaper wash routine or hand washing. If you are not using a cream that is not cloth diaper safe, you can wash your liners along with the rest of your diaper laundry.

Reviews: I reviewed two different kinds of Stay Dry Liners – The bumGenius Stay Dry Liners and the Bummis Fleece Liners.

bumGenius on Left and Bummis on Right

bumGenius Stay Dry Liner Review

Overall Performance:  ★★★★★  This liner is fabulous!  The liner measures approximately 12.5 in x 5.5 inches after washing.  This makes it the perfect length and width to fit most diapers and not let any poop or cream get onto the diaper.  The fabric is white fleece which is very soft and comfy against baby bum.  Also, this liner has enough material to it that it is able to stay in place well.  A pack of 6 liners costs approximately $5.99 and is available from my affiliate Kelly’s Closet, link to right.

Bummis Fleece Liner Review

Overall Performance:  ★★★★☆  This liner works very well, when it stays in place.  This liner is made from a very thin microfleece, which is soft and comfy for baby but is a tad flimsy and tends to roll-up or bunch in the diaper.  I found this to be a problem on occasion, but it did not happen all of the time.  As the reason for using this liner is to create a barrier, it does not work if it rolls-up or bunches.  This liner measures 12 in x 5 in after washing.  With many diapers, this liner may be a little narrow to create the barrier that you want, but may work better than the bumGenius liners with newborn diapers as it is narrower.  This liner is also available at my affiliate, Kelly’s closet, for $5.00 for a pack of five liners.

For the Giveaway - A Pack of Bummis Fleece Liners


  1. Thanks for all the giveaways!

  2. I have to say, I put both of these items in my Kelly's Closet cart earlier and had asked in a CD forum which was better. Funny thing, I read your review before I heard from anyone.

  3. That warms my heart! Glad I could help!!! :)

  4. I've been debating on purchasing these items for a while -- what perfect time to review!!! Have you tried the bumGenius Stay Dry Insert Sock as a stay-dry option for all those extra inserts floating around?

  5. I haven't tried the bumGenius liners but we use the Bummi's liners in our daughters night time diaper. We have only had an issue with it moving once otherwise it is a super reliable way to keep her bum dry overnight. In my opinion these are absolutely worth the relatively small cost, especially if you are not using pocket diapers. I am so glad we have these but would love an extra set for those days when her skin is a bit more sensitive.