Saturday, March 19, 2011

AMP AI2 Diaper Review and Giveaway

Small – Fits 6-18 pounds
Large – Fits 15-35 pounds

This review is for the AMP AI2 diaper with a 3 layer Hemp insert.  Inserts and covers are sold separately so that you can mix and match according to your needs.

Price Per Cover:  ★★★☆☆  The cover for this diaper retails for $15.50 each.  This is about average for a diaper cover.  However, that being said, combined with the 3 layer hemp insert, you get a huge bang for your buck with this diaper.  You can buy this diaper direct from AMP Diapers.

Leaks:  ★★★★★  No leaks!  Not one!  This diaper is FABULOUS!  The 3 layer hemp insert is ridiculously absorbent.  This diaper has soft stretchy elastic around the legs and in the front and back waist.  These soft stretchy areas are comfy for baby but also create a wonderful fit on baby to prevent leaks.  The inside of the cover is lined with fleece so that any part of the cover that touches baby is soft and comfy as well as retaining any leak that might get past the insert.  I used this diaper at night, and STILL no leaks!!

Fit:  ★★★★★  This diaper comes in two sizes, small and large.  By dividing the diaper into two separate sizes, you can get a better fit than a one size diaper that has to fit from approximately 7 pounds to 35 pounds.  This diaper has two rows of snaps on each side and 4 snaps on each tab.  This means that you can adjust the waist to fit your baby as well as the hip snaps.  This gives you that perfect fit every time.  Being that the diaper is stretchy and has lots of snap options, you can get that perfect fit that you can’t always get with a snap diaper.

Ease of Use:  ★★★★☆  The 3 layer hemp insert folds perfectly and easily to fit nicely into the cover.  However, since this is an AI2 that you have to fold the insert into as well as being a snap diaper, I gave a 4 star rating.  Honestly, this diaper is very simple to use and the amazing absorbency is worth the small amount of time and energy to get the diaper on.  Also, with the stretchy back and front waist elastic, it is quite easy to fit this insert into the cover and then onto baby.  No having to readjust the insert when putting onto baby.

Washing:  ★★★★★  This diaper washes beautifully.  You don’t even have to touch the insert if you do not want to.  As the insert is just simply folded into the cover, it will come apart in the wash.  The cover washes well and show no wear and tear.  The insert washes well and has no stains or marks from wear.  When this diaper is done in the wash, simply try fold the insert and lay it back in the cover.  Easy!

Overall Performance:  ★★★★★  This AI2 diaper is amazing.  You get an amazingly absorbent and great fitting diaper that looks adorable and comes in some really awesome colors!  Unbeatable!

Total Stars:  27/30

AMP 3 Layer Hemp Insert

Size:  12in x 15 in. (washed)

Price Per Prefold:  ★★☆☆☆  This insert retails for $7.50.  This is not extremely pricey for an insert but for a prefold, it is a little pricey.  However, you get a TON of bang for your buck with this insert and it fits perfectly into the AMP cover.  It is worth every penny!

Absorbency:  ★★★★★  This insert is ridiculously absorbent.  Generally speaking, my daughter did not pee through to the 3rd layer.  Even for a long 13-14 hour night of sleep, my heavy wetting daughter still had dry areas on the insert.  Unbelievable!!!  Love this insert!!

Ease of Use:  ★★★★★  This insert is perfectly sized for this cover and is easy as pie to fold in three and lay into the cover.  This insert could be used with other diapers, but I never tried this.  The fabric of this insert is nice and soft against baby for comfort, but pair it with the included stay dry insert and you have a phenomenal combination!

Total Stars:  12/15

My daughter in "sugar plum."

You can buy AMP diapers direct from the AMP Diaper Store here.  Or, Giveaway below!


  1. Where do you see AMP diapers sold at $15.50. The places I've seen sell them for $18 and up.

  2. This is the price for the AMP AI2 cover...available at!!!

  3. Thank you. I'm new to AI2s and would love to try one of these and share my personal findings with my twin nephews.

  4. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  5. Thank you for the review and giveaway!