Monday, March 7, 2011

Kissaluvs Marvels OS Fitted Review - For The Monster Giveaway

Fits: 10-40 pounds

Price Per Fitted:  ★★☆☆☆   There is a wide range of prices for fitted diapers, however, I do feel that this price is a little high for a fitted.  However, this fitted does have features that may make the price worth it.

Absorbency:  ★★★★★  This fitted is EXTREMELY absorbent!  Not once did I have an issue with absorbency.  The interior of this diaper made from bamboo velour is extremely soft against baby skin and was able to hold as much pee as my toddler could put into it!  This diaper is a little bit bulkier than other fitteds, but it holds a ton!

Fit:  ★★★★☆  Kissaluvs has brilliantly come up with a simple method of snapping in order to fit from 10-40 pounds.  There is a row of snaps across the front of the diaper and three snaps on each tab to secure with.  Also, you can overlap the tabs if necessary.  Instead of rise snaps, you simply fold the top of the diaper down and there are snaps on the other side to snap to.  This makes using this diaper for multiple children of multiple sizes a breeze as there is nothing to change from child to child, you just simply fold it down for smaller children.  However, since there are snaps on the inside of the diaper, they do tend to leave marks in my baby.  It did not seem to bother her, but I did not like the fact that the snaps rubbed her skin and made impressions.  Also, as this is a snap diaper, there is a chance that there may not be the perfect snap for your child, but since this diaper requires a cover, a perfect fit is not entirely necessary.  This diaper does have back elastic and leg elastic to fit to your baby and contain mess.

Ease of Use:  ★★★☆☆  I had a harder time with this diaper than other snap diapers.  When first using this, you have no idea where exactly to snap the diaper and since there are so many snaps, it is difficult to remember for next time where to snap.  I found myself snapping and resnapping this diaper each and every time I used it.  In this way, I found this to be a bit challenging.  Add to that the fact that then you have to also put a cover on, it just seemed a little too time consuming for me. 

Washing:  ★★★★★  This diaper washes like a dream!  Absolutely no staining or marks are present after MANY uses!  The bamboo velour seems to just allow mess to “slide” off an no stain or mark remains.  This diaper is also quite simple since it is a snap diaper, you just toss it in and don’t have to worry about laundry tabs, unstuffing, or other laundry prep.

Overall Performance:  ★★★★☆  I was very impressed with this diaper.  It held a lot of pee and we had no problems with leaks.  However, I did not like that it left snap marks on my baby and I felt that the “simple” snaps were actually harder than other snap diapers due to the large amount of snaps on this diaper.

Total Stars:  23/30


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