Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flip Stay Dry Insert Review

Fits: 7-35 pounds

Overall Performance:  ★★★★☆

This insert retails for approximately $4.95 per insert.  You can buy a package with a cover and one Stay dry insert for $16.95.  This diapering system is available at both of my affiliates, links to right.

This insert is very absorbent, however, I did have leaking for overnight use.  I would recommend the use of the organic insert or other insert for overnight use.  The Stay Dry insert did wonderfully during the day and for naps.

This insert fits perfectly and is made for use with the Flip covers.  It could be used with other covers, but you might have leaks.  I did not try this insert with other covers.  The insert has a genius design to it.  The makers of the Flip system have take the guess work out of how to use the insert for different sizes.  There are stitched in lines telling you where to fold the insert for small, medium, or large settings to correspond with the snap rise settings on the cover.  This insert is very trim and makes for a very trim but mighty diaper combo with the cover.

This insert is a piece of cake to use.  Simply tuck it into the tabs on your Flip cover and put on baby!  It cannot get easier than that!  When the insert is wet or soiled, simply take it out, toss it in your wet bag/pail, stick a new insert in, and back onto baby!  This is a great diaper for when you are out and about because you do not have to carry as many bulky diapers!  (you can also use the Organic or Disposable inserts)

Just like with other microterry and stay-dry suede inserts, they do turn from their bright white to a duller white/grey after washes and they can be prone to staining.  They wash well, smell fresh, but retain the occasional stain.  This does not affect the function of the diaper.

I love this insert.  It is such a great idea and easy to use.  This would be perfect for someone just starting to cloth diaper, someone on a tight budget, or a pro looking for a great out and about diaper.  This system is fabulous!

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