Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flip Organic Prefold Insert Review

Fits – 7-35 pounds

Overall Performance:  ★★★★☆

This insert retails for approximately $7.95 per insert.  You can buy a package with a cover and one Organic insert for $19.95.  This diapering system is available at both of my affiliates, links to right.

The only thing that the Stay Dry insert is lacking is the absorbency to last all night.  The Organic insert however takes care of that!  This organic insert worked well on my daughter throughout the entire night with no leaks.  I paired it with a stay dry liner, just to keep her comfy, and it worked beautifully!  No leaks!

This insert is a little bit bulkier that the Stay Dry insert, but still very trim in comparison to other diapers.  The insert fits well into the cover, although you do have to be careful with how thick you fold the crotch area.  I put this insert and cover onto my daughter a few times only to realize that I had my insert folded too wide, had to take it off, fix it, and then put it back on.

The organic insert is a little trickier than the Stay Dry insert since you do have to fold it.  And as I mentioned above, you have to be careful when folding it to make sure that it is not too thick but also not too wide in the crotch.  Other than that, it is a breeze to stick in the cover and put on baby.  Just like with the Stay Dry inserts, you can simply remove the organic insert, put in a new one, and then put the cover back onto baby.  I do recommend using a stay dry liner as to keep baby comfy.  This means a little more money, but a lot more absorbency.  Your choice!

Washing this insert is a breeze.  This insert washes just like other prefolds, with no fuss!  The fabric has also stayed extremely soft and has not gotten rough like other prefolds, this is great for baby’s bum!  Also, this insert does not seem to stain as badly as other prefolds and inserts.

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