Thursday, March 24, 2011

Miss Lily's Washing Powder Review and Giveaway

Overall Performance:  ★★★★★

When using a new laundry detergent, I ask myself a few questions.  Does it get my diapers clean?  Do they smell fresh?  Are the stains gone?  Do any stinkies remain?  And the answer… Miss Lily’s Washing Powder performed amazingly!!!

I was amazed by Miss Lily’s!  I had read reviews about how well this detergent did on diapers, but I really thought that I would not notice any difference from the Tiny Bubbles that I normally use…I was wrong!

I was sent a small bag of unscented Miss Lily’s to review.  After just one wash, diapers that have been stained for weeks or months were stain free!  And on top of that my diapers smelled fresh (actually, smelled like nothing!) with no stinkies or residue!

As I have said before, my daughter has very sensitive skin and I am always nervous to try new detergents that may irritate her…well, no irritation here!  Actually, the small rash that we have been battling looks better since using this detergent!!  Even better, I had no trouble using this detergent in my HE washer!

Miss Lily’s Washing powder is also great for using on your regular clothing as well as your diapers!  And, you can use Miss Lily’s in a soak for your diapers to get out those pesky stains or stinkies!!!  This truly is the all-around use detergent!

You can buy directly from Miss Lily’s here or Giveaway below!  Washing/Soaking instructions here.


  1. I'm glad to read it worked well on your HE machine. I have and HE front loader.

  2. Thanks for the giveaway. I am wanting to try a new detergent and my friend suggested Miss Lily's

  3. Miss Lily's is the best, no stink, no issues at all, and as soon as the big bucket of tide is gone we are ordering enough to do the whole family's wash and not just diapers.

  4. This article help me. Thank your for sharing.