Thursday, May 3, 2012

Extending your budget via the Internet!

So last week I talked to you about budgeting and knowing where your money is going.  Today I want to chat about how to legally make some extra cash on the Internet.  There are many scams out there and you must be very cautious…. BUT the sites I’m about to list below are ones that I belong too, I have used for many months, and I have actually received checks (or deposits) from them so I know they are legitimate and trust worthy.   This is actually how I paid for the majority of our Christmas presents last year.  Early October I started requesting my checks and accumulated a nice chunk of change and was able to come out of Christmas with no credit card debt hanging over our heads!
I know some people are very wary of these types of programs but the only one I have come across that is a huge scam is Panda Research – DO NOT join this one.  I also did not open a new email for these sites – I know some people do but I probably at most 1 or 2 surveys a day from each company – I just file them all in one folder and then when I have some down/free time I know exactly where to go to complete the surveys.
Our family does not have satellite or cable and sometimes during those late night feedings or crying sessions you need something else to focus on to keep you awake…. So I discovered online surveys – it was the best – I was keeping myself awake and making money! 
Below are my favorite 4 survey sites.... I hope you have some success too!
Mypoints - earn points to redeem for gift cards by reading emails and completing surveys
MySurvey - I make the most from this one!
Mommytalk - Earn $5 just for signing up! I quickly earned $20 with this program
Pinecone Research - This one pays a flat rate of $3 a survey and usually ends up in free product testing! (looking for Households of Hispanic Heritage)
**I receive a very very very small commission when you sign up through my links – 
consider it a virtual tip!**


  1. I just want to thank you so very much for this post! I'm always looking for new and reliable ways to make extra money from home. We make ends meet around here, but at times it seems we could be more comfortable if I would just work outside the home. I'm just not ready to do that yet! (Still bf'ing my one year old) Thanks, again. ox

    1. aw you are so welcome. I hope it was helpful. I have lots more but I didn't want to overwhelm anyone. And I wasn't sure if this was the direction people wanted me to go. I am encouraged to continue on the track I am on in sharing my tips :)

  2. I noticed that you are a member of mypoints.
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