Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How Life Gets Away From Me!

I am that person who can't see the forest but for the trees.  I've been in the thick of a few work issues and I totally forgot to contribute today!!!  This is how life has been getting away from me since August of 2010.

What happened in August 2010 you ask?  Well, my child was born!!!  Since I became a mama, my world has been upside down and inside out.  I am seriously Alice who fell down that rabbit hole!!  (I also have Alice in Wonderland on the brain because I foolishly got involved planning a school tea...guess our theme?!)

I have let so many relationships, opportunities, things slip and fall by the wayside the moment I saw my son.  I wish I cared but I don't.  Every second I have with him is precious and I will never be able to get those moments back.

I struggle with this daily.  As I leave for work, as I reply to emails while D is in the bath....I am pulled so many different directions.  I want to sew and craft and teach and sleep lol!!  But D is most important.

Next week I'll be sharing some sewing projects...I'll be doing those after midnight lol!!!

<3 Jen

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