Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Importance of "Mommy Time"

    Being a Mommy of three children (soon to be four!) five and under, "Mommy Time" can seem to be non-existant.  Let me ask you this ... When was the last time you were in the bathroom without an audience?  Yup! I can't remember either! I eat, sleep, and breathe children and I am sure alot of you out there do to.  Which is awesome Mamas, please don't misquote me.  I can't imagine life without my babies and would do anything just to see their smiles but sometimes it can be overwhelming.  The key to happy babies is a happy Mama and in order to achive this we must have balance.

    Becoming a Mother was the greatest day of my life! I told my eldest, Jubbs, that she was born with magical powers because when she came she was the one who changed Robin into Mommy!
And from that day forth I was Mommy.  But somewhere over time Robin has disappeared.  It wasn't til recently that I noticed that I was just going through the motions, that I wasn't letting the "light" in.  I felt as if my life was on auto pilot.  I knew then that something must change.

    As many Mommies know, adult conversation is not something we get to have on a daily basis and we tend to seek it out where ever we can - Hey, who hasn't chatted it up with some random stranger in the store? I know I have.  In fact, I used to do it quite often.  Being a stay at home Mommy has this effect sometimes =)    Luckily, I am married to a great man. He has really stepped up with the children lately and given me time just to go visit with friends and have adult conversation.  This new found time has really done wonders for my in every aspect of my being. 

    I have found that Robin is not gone, nor should she be.  Just because I am Mommy doesn't mean that Robin should go away.  Mommy is just another description to add to the list along with Daughter, Sister, Wife and Friend.  I have found that IT IS OKAY to have a little time to yourself, a time where you can just relax.  Whether it's an hour to read a book, a lunch date with a friend, a late nite movie or a side-aching laugh fest with your bestie or even a bath by yourself ... We all need to pencil in just a little time for ourselves.  This is NOT being selfish, we still love our babies we just need to be able to take a breathe too.  Also, this rule of time applies for our men!  If they are gracious enough to give us our time we need to give them theirs as well.  And if we all are lucky, occasionally someone will take our children for the night and we can enjoy our husbands all alone =)

    I am no professional, nor do I claim to be.  All I know is my experiences in life and all I can do is share them with whom ever will listen and if it opens just one person's eyes then I have done good ... So Mommies (and Daddies) go forth and claim a piece of the ever ticking clock for you! ~Robin  =)

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  1. I agree completely! Unfortunately, John works out of state for weeks at a time. When I want my mommy time, it usually involves staying up later than I actually intend to, but I almost always read at least a chapter of my book uninterrupted.