Friday, May 11, 2012

Sling Pouch

 Notice his sweet little foot pushing against the fabric. <3

The pouch sling is very versatile and is so small it can fit into your diaper bag without any issues.  It’s got nothing to adjust which can make wearing it pretty simple.  I found it to be a great diaper bag carrier that was there just in case.  Since it is so simple it can be folded up and fit into your bag and not be taking up much space. There are many positions that a baby can be worn in a pouch sling, making it versatile!  There are thousands of beautiful fabrics to choose from also!  We all know that’s a plus.  Really it’s a wonderful gateway carrier.  I say that because it was the carrier that took me over the edge.  I got hooked!  It was such a wonderful tool for mothering.  I never looked back, I was officially a baby wearing mama!

There are some more things to take into consideration when choosing a pouch sling.  These are easy because there is no adjustments, but that also means that they are sized.  This means you must take into consideration a lot when choosing your size of sling.  There will be a sizing chart for each brand and make sure to read it and follow their suggestions.  Being bigger busted will mean a different size possibly.  So take all into consideration when doing your sizing.  Also realize that your husband, or anyone else who may want to wear baby,  might not be the same size as you therefore not be able to use this carrier.  This isn’t really a bad thing, just something to take into consideration when choosing what carrier is right for your needs. 

This is one of the easier carriers to buy at brick and mortar stores like BRU, etc.  Of course on the other hand these are carriers that can be bought online and there are tons of choices.  I have also sewn my own.  Here is a pattern from Kharma Baby that works great!

The pouch sling will let you carry your baby in a cradle position, a kangaroo carry, and hip carry.  Hip carries are really nice for when your baby is bigger.  There may be even more carries but these are the ones I used the most.  There are wonderful tutorials online and great video tutorials on you tube.  I never had any issue learning how to use any of my carriers thanks to this wonderful tool!

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