Thursday, May 31, 2012


a schedule
a routine
a prediction

all things that help you know what's coming, what's next, what *should* have already happened. When I became a sahm about a year ago we were in the midst of a full blown 4 room addition (plus basement), I was 6 months pregnant with 2 under 3.  I was barely surviving let alone implementing a routine... which is what EVERYONE kept advising me to do.  Well I'll be honest and say I still haven't done that.... I'm trying, I really am but it just seems one more thing keeps creeping up on the horizon that prevents me from doing that.  This week is the massive garage sale I am participating in.

But one thing I have discovered that is helping me tremendously is a to-do list.  I bought a pretty notebook and keep it very handy - every morning while I'm waking up and enjoying my hot tea I think of 7-8 things that I want to get done that day - normally one cleaning item, one organization item, one personal (IE - balance check book), etc.  I am blown away with how much this is helping me stay focused throughout the the day.  And you know there are always those days that those things just don't get done so I've decided that Fridays are my 'catch-up' day.  I do not plan any to-dos for that day and anything that I missed throughout the week get accomplished then. It has been working out wonderfully.

Now for some of you this might be a no-brainier but for me who had worked outside of the home for 7+  years I had a very hard time finding my groove to be home and getting stuff done.  My house was much cleaner while I worked because my kids weren't there the majority of the day... my mom's house was where the mess was! :)

My advice if you're stilling trying to find your routine/schedule is to start small... very small and soon you'll build confidence and strength to make it larger and more inclusive.

Do any of you have any tips for maintaining a schedule/routine?

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