Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In The Blink Of An Eye!

    Sorry TMGers =( it has been a very interesting week and we will address that now so let's just dive right in ...

    Let's start at the top and work our way down, so starting us off will be Jubbs.  Jubbs is 5 and about to finish her very first year of school!  My first little princess is such a big girl.  Where has all this time went?  She has a big girl tooth growing in already due to a dental procedure she had when she 3, but still!  She is the most polite, generous, kind, thoughtful, caring, outgoing, snuggley, loving little miss I know (most of the time, lol) and that makes me feel so good as a Mommy.  That is not to say that we don't have any difficulties at times that make us just want to pull our hair out, because we most DEFINITELY do!  She tends to be an "entertainer" and by this I mean when there are guests at our house she tends to act up.  Sometimes it gets to the point that we have to take proper measures to discipline her, but discipline is based on the action. We have two big ones that we use often: loss of privledges and the naughty chair.  Both work wonderfully.

    Next is Capt. Caveman, he will be 3 and a he's bit complicated right now.  He is my little lover.  My snuggly, shy, sweet, flirty little mister.  But lately things haven't been right with him and it is hurting my heart and driving my brain to it's ends.  He has not been devouring food as he usually does.  He got a haircut almost 2 months ago and he got a little accidental nip when he jerked in the chair (so not the girls fault at all) but the spot that was nicked has yet to grow any hair but the rest of his hair has grown back normally!?  He has been feverish on and off and randomly vomitted throughout a couple of days.  I cloth diaper and he has yet to potty train.  He has had a myriad of rashes ranging from a "normal" diaper rash, blisters and now these hard blister looking bumps! And boy oh boy is he ever itchy! I have tried EVERYTHING: oils, balms, powders, creams ... All worked at first but then the rash would come back looking worse than the one before.  I have taken all things into consideration, especially the fact that he is cutting all 4 of his "2 Year Molars" at the same time.  Fevers, loose BMs, and rashes have all been a part of all my children's teething and I really hope that that's all that it is and all my worrying has been for nothing, but as a Mommy I HAVE to know for sure which is why he has an appointment tomorrow with his doctor (who is also our cousin).  So please, if you will, keep him in your hearts, thoughts and prayers <3

    Who could EVER forget The Velociraptor?!  She is another big worry on my brain.  Well, not her exactly but my ability to provide for her nutritional needs.  She is coming up on her 6 month birthday and she is a very hungry girl!  We started with the normal rice cereal and eventually she took to it.  We have added applesauce, bananas, squash and sweet potatoes.  That girl LOVES to eat!  She gets SO excited and I love seeing her try things for the very first time, her faces are priceless!  You should of seen her popcicle face and oh how she loved sucking on that Peep =)  I believe the biggest reason for my sadness with The Velociraptor is the fact that my milk supply does not meet her demand and before the introduction of the baby food it was rough ... On her and my boobies!  And now that my estrogen levels are rising, it is even worse!

    YES! You read correctly.  I said it... My estrogen levels are once again on the rise!  Pvt. K, which I am currently calling this 4th blessing due to the fact that all my children's names start with the letter K, is about 8 weeks along!  This was a VERY big suprise to us both.  So ladies please know that you CAN get pregnant while breastfeeding!!!  Since I have yet to menstate due to the fact that I am breastfeeding the due date of December 31st is just an estimation.  And being that The Velociraptor was born Dec 1st she will just be 1 when she becomes a big sister.  This is all new to me eventhough all 3 were "suprises" the blessings were given to me equally apart ... Jubbs is 2yrs and 4mos older than Cpt. Caveman and he is 2yrs and 4mos older than The Velociraptor.  Though I am a bit nervous, I know that I will never be given more than I can handle and will always be provided with the tools I need for every situation.  I just need to take a deep breath every once in a while.

    As I am writing this post and sharing with you all my real everyday life and all the worries it brings, I keep thinking to myself:  "Where has all this time gone?"  "When did my babies get so big?"  "How did they get so smart?"  I have to remind myself on a daily basis to just slow down, relax and just enjoy every moment with them, both good and bad.  I have learned to listen to my children because no matter how insignificant we think what they are saying is, to them everything is a big deal and in order for them to talk to us as they grow older about the big things we have to show them now that what they say matters.  Being responsible for these blessings we call children can sometimes be stressful and fill my heart with worry but it is all most definitely worth it!  I can't imagine my life without my children, nor would I ever want to!  So take my advice Mamas (and Dads) put the cell phones and ipads down and interact with your babies, enjoy every moment and breath them in because in the blink of an eye they are grown.

    I hope you enjoyed the little peak into my week and I thank you for letting me share my feelings and concerns with all of you.  Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll see you next Tuesday! ~ Robin =)


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  1. Congrats on your new pregnancy. My last one was a surprise too! I have a 2 week old and a 20 month old now and things are very interesting this time around!